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Introducing the background of Hiyokobull

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Small Stories

The daily lives of a noisy chick, a kind-hearted Frenchbulldog, and their friends

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Postcards of their everyday events

Hiyokobull and their friends

The main characters of the stories.
They are good partners.

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She is like a sweet mother and supports Hiyokobull.

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She is the best friend and the no.1 fan of Hiyokobull.

no1. Spring Time
no2. Sakura Anpan
no3. Welcome Spring
no4. Letter
no5. Swallow Flying
no6. Bamboo Shoots
no7. Trip to the sky
no8. Nice autumn days
no9. Halloween Night

Introducing the writer

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I'm the writer of Hiyokobull, "Nichiyobi". I have been making postcards for many years.
Postcards can convey the coming of the seasons and at the same time connect with each other.

I have made some small stories with those postcards.
I hope Hiyokobull can give a warm message to your loved ones.

Postcards of Hiyokobull’s small stories

The postcard story continues. See more online.

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